My name is Andy Carl and I have long worked in the developing field of practice of what is called peacebuilding. I have recently started working independently as consultant, advisor, intermediary, facilitator, researcher, writer, and project developer. Setting up this website is part of that new project.

I co-founded and ran Conciliation Resources (1994-2016) one of the most innovative and interesting international NGOs in the sector. I also helped to establish International Alert (1989-94), one of the founding still leading organisations in the field. I have been an active member of professional networks and platforms in our sector.

I am interested in working with others to find innovative and more effective ways of responding to our global challenges of armed conflict. This means, where possible, helping to organise and practice nonviolent conflict resolution in response to the many “substantive occasions of war” until, (as Adam Curle once wrote) “the tragedy is over.”

I hope you find your way around this site, which is a work in progress, and I hope it will be a useful place of engagement and exchange. Comments or a suggestion are much appreciated.


I always welcome new challenges.


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